Thursday, September 20, 2012

Every Chance I Get

Whoa, this new blogger layout is weird! [They still didn't add more font colors]. I've been complaining about it for how many years now?

Anyways, just like the title suggests, every chance I get, I will blog.
God never fails to show me that when things are at their worse, just stick through it and everything will become better.
Well, my life's gotten a lot happier since last time I blogged. I feel more at peace with my decisions, I've taken time to accept things, etc.
It's difficult sometimes because you only have one chance to live this life right and I am deadthly afraid of making the wrong decisions.
Even if I make the wrong decisions, I hope they are fixable.

I've been happier now because I've finally stopped fighting against my new job & decided to accept it and work with it. It's not a huge part of me or anything yet but it's a lot more tolerable now.

School is still hate but I just need to keep telling myself to take it day by day and just 2 or some years and I will be done.
I had so many hopes for life after high school. For some reason I thought I'd have more time than I do now and get to go more places & do more things.
I do think life is way better than when I was in high school but it is still busy [BUSIER] than ever.

I'm being pulled 2 different directions because I look at some youtubers [I know I'm influenced] and am kind of jealous that at least they are doing something exciting with their lives. Don't know if they are in school or not [doubt it] but they are traveling, being surrounded by awesome things, going shopping every day and eating delicious foods while the rest of us ordinary people work hard every day at boring jobs and don't make anywhere as much as them.
Then the other part of my brain tells me to be grateful for what I have and that there are tons of others way less fortunate. I'm very blessed to be able to go to work and attend school.

So, I don't know how I feel about life lol. I am content with things but still wonder if there's anything more I can do. Because no matter how thankful I am to be in school or work, it will never bring me the happy "I LOVE MY LIFE" feeling. Tough truth.

I sometimes feel like I have a lot of sides or identities to my one body. The materialistic, wishing I could have everything pretty, money loving me and the level-headed, logical, thoughtful me. O_o I'm weirrrrrddd. But I don't mind =)

Every time I blog I think to myself, "I should blog more often," because it still feels awesome to type everything out and I truly still love to write.

Not sure if anyone still reads it though but I'll pretend a lot of people do, teehee.

Until next time!

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